Mid Warwickshire Yacht Club Winter Boat Lifts & Craning Out

Mid Warwickshire Yacht Club offers members the facility to moor their boats ashore for the winter months.

Especially popular with GRP boat owners wishing to prevent ice damage and narrowboats owners wanting to black the hulls of their boats and carry out seasonal maintenance.

Craning Fees

There are no additional mooring fees for members' boats while ashore. The cost of hiring the crane is shared amongst the members being craned.  This significantly reduces the costs normally associated with bringing a boat out of the water and short term storage fees applied by boat yards and marinas.

Winter Boat Lifts

There are usually three boat lifts over the winter season.

First boat lift

takes part on a Saturday in late October/early November when GRP boats and some narrowboats are craned out.

Second boat lift

on a Saturday in middle of March where boats taken out in the first craning are returned to the water and other boats requiring a short term out of the water for maintenance, are lifted ashore.

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Final craning  in late March early April where all boats are returned to the water.