Mid Warwickshire Yacht Club Membership Profile

The majority of our members are keen boaters with a wealth of supporting skills and knowledge which they are delighted to share with fellow members.

Members' Boats Moored on Grand Union Canal

We have members with  GRP cruisers with both inboard and outboard engines and a mix of all types of narrowboats.

You Can't  Be Too Old or Young to be a Member

The membership age mix is across all ages. Some of the members are founder members have been with the club 50 years while our newest recruits are families with young children.

Social Scene

The club has a very active social calendar. Each year the club organises a new Years' Party, Christmas Lunch, Commodore's Week-End Cruise, Inter-Club Challenges, and AGM Dinner.
In addition there are numerous informal social evenings usually accompanied with supper.
In the Summer months various BBQs are held both at the club and on the canal side.

Children Friendly

The club promotes and encourages family boating. Many of the outdoor social events are ideal opporunities to get the kids out in the fresh air and away from their computer games and iPods.
Before applying for membership please first read  Club FeesClub RulesMembership Benefits, Membership Profile & Membership Responsibilities.