Mid Warwickshire Yacht Club, (MWYC) Club Rules

MWYC Club rules in brief

As with all clubs over time, a set of rules has developed which are there to guide the club and its members. A full set of these rules will be discussed at the time of Membership Application.

The main guiding set of rules are as follows:
All club fees are to be paid by 15th January
No refunds if leaving the club part way through the year
Your C&RT licence is kept up to date and is renewed through the club
Your boat is properly insured
Your boat’s BSS Certificate is kept up to date
Your boat is kept clean and in good order
Members with moored boats must carry out security patrols, which is an inspection of the boats moored, the club site and its perimeter, approximately every 6 weeks
Club House cleaning approximately once a year
Attend work parties 4 to 6 time a year or request alternative duties if unable to attend
All members play an active role the club’s social calendar
We welcome all enquiries for new membership on the basis of this understanding.

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Before applying for membership please first read  Club FeesClub RulesMembership Benefits, Membership Profile & Membership Responsibilities.