Mid Warwickshire Yacht Club Information to new Members

We welcome applications from boaters and people interested in canals and the waterways.

We are located by bridge 56 which is between Hatton top lock and Shrewley tunnel.

Our moorings are competitively priced which is made possible because we run and maintain the club ourselves. Consequently membership comes with some duties and responsibilities as well as many benefits.


Our moorings are linear and along the non-towpath side of the canal. The area is gated and secure. Each member is put on a security rota which means that approximately once every 7 weeks they need to come to the club and check that the site and the boats are safe and secure. You will be allocated one day and on that day you will visit the site to carry out the patrol. The check can be done anytime within the 24 hours that you have been allocated.


We have a clubhouse which is available to all members.

It has a large well equipped kitchen which we use to cater for social events but members are also welcome to use it when they are on site.

Tea and coffee is available and there is a lounge/dining area and toilets in the clubhouse. Each member is put on a rota to clean the clubhouse. This duty comes up approximately every 4 months. You will be allocated a week and you are able to do the cleaning anytime within those 7 days. The cleaning takes about 2 hours.


There is an Elsan point at the clubhouse. Along the moorings there are regular water points and electricity points. The electricity points offer 3 amps which is enough for a battery trickle charge.

Site maintenance

All members are expected to attend working parties to to keep the hedges and trees trimmed and grass cut as well as general maintenance.
There are about 5 working parties each year. These are held at weekends and the dates published in advance. Members are expected to maintain their own mooring area by keeping the grass, hedges and trees trimmed.

Social events

We have regular social events throughout the year. These include quiz nights, race nights, film nights, a challenge weekend, bbqs and a weekend, run by the commodore, of music, entertainment and bbqs.

We like members to attend socials, particularly the Commodores Weekend which is our annual fundraiser. We have recently purchased a defibrillator for the club from funds raised at this weekend.

We also have an AGM which members are required to attend.


We have a regular magazine which is sent to all members and includes important information, rotas, working party dates and interesting articles.


Each year members join together and hire a crane. The cost is split between anyone who wants their boat craned out for the winter. The cost is very reasonable and craning gives members the opportunity to do their own boat maintenance on site. More details HERE

Request Membership Application Form

If you would like to join our club you can Request an application form HERE

Once we have received your application we will invite you to an interview where we will show you around the site, discuss the club and its benefits and our expectations and find out all about you and your requirements.

Applications are then put to the clubs committee members who will then consider you for membership.
Before applying for membership please first read  Club FeesClub RulesMembership Benefits, Membership Profile & Membership Responsibilities.