Convoy of Narrowboats cross the Mersey

In 2010 a convoy of narrowboats cross the Mersey

Member and owner of boat,

API Wanderer

organised a crossing of the Mersey From Liverpool to Ellesmere Port - en-route to Chester, and IWA's Tom Rolt Centenary Rally.

It was planned as a 30-boat flotilla - but with one 'no-show' they were down to 29 - but still one of the largest convoys ever to cross the estuary.

On the eve of the trip they held a practice-run through Liverpool's South Docks to see what time it would take to travel from the assembly moorings in Salthouse Dock, the full length of the South Docks, down to Brunswick Dock - and its lock out onto the Mersey.

Next morning, because of the size of our group, it took 4 lockings to get all the boats out of Brunswick onto the tideway.
Taken by the late Harry Arnold - shows (front left) Ian & Pam Fletcher on their narrowboat 'API.Wanderer leading the flotilla on this practice run.
Lleisurely cup of coffee in the middle of the Mersey estuary waiting for their fellow boaters to lock out - and the tide to turn.