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Club Membership Benefits

For most boaters being a member of a club or association that promotes the boating experience for the benefit of its members, has many advantages over keeping your boat in a marina or on a British Waterways long term mooring.

Being able to share your boating adventures and gain experience from fellow members

Once you are afloat knowing what to do and where to go isn't always straight forward. Being able to discuss your ideas and plans before you set off can often mean a more pleasurable experience.

Being part of an active social scene around boating

Most hobbies and past times are made all the more enjoyable when you can share them with other like-minded people.

Access to specialist skills and tools

Boats and anything to do with boats have a language all of their own. This can be sometimes very daunting to newcomers. Much better to be able to chat with a group of people who know their way around boats and usually have "just the thing".

Sharing of costs associated with lifting boats from the water

All boats have to be taken out of the water from time to time. Unfortunately this is a major part of the cost of ownership. Much better to pool together and share the cost of hiring a crane.

Expert advice when buying or selling your boat

A boat is a hole in the water into which you throw money. How much money depends on how wise your purchase was. Having experienced people to hand when you come to buy or sell your boat can save you a great deal of money.

Mentoring on boating and maintenance skills

For most boaters being able to maintain and improve their boat is part of the ownership experience.  Even without any formal skills or training most people, given help and support can carry out basic engine maintenance, repaint hulls, and carry out most improvments.

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Before applying for membership please first read  Club FeesClub RulesMembership Benefits, Membership Profile & Membership Responsibilities.