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Duties of Members

The Club is run by the members for the benefit of the members.  All members are expected to participate in the running of the Club by taking part in the work parties which are required to maintain and improve the site and its facilities, carrying out boat patrols and actively engage in social activities.

Subscription and Joining Fee

New members are required to pay a non-refundable joining fee.
Subscriptions and mooring fees are payable according to the club rules. See a brief outline of the club rules  HERE

BW Boat Licence

Members are expected to renew their BW Licence through the Club which acts as an agent for British Waterways.

Confirmation of Membership

When an offer of membership is made it is on a trial basis for the first year and confirmation of membership or otherwise will be made after the first 6 month trial period.

Grand Union Canal MWYC Mooring Waiting List
When there are no moorings available, the MWYC will accept new members pending a mooring becoming available. Moorings are allotted on a first come basis wherever possible.  Matching a boat's length from the waiting list with a space that becomes available is also a consideration.
Before applying for membership please first read  Club Fees & Club Rules
Mid Warwickshire Yacht Club Inland Waterways Section welcomes new applications for membership.

Both 'boaters' and 'non boaters' wishing to join can request a membership application from from the Club Secretary via the website HERE.

Mooring Availability

As of July 2015 we have moorings available
Welcome to the Mid Warwickshire Yacht Club, (MWYC)
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