New to boating?

Before you Buy

If you are considering buying a boat for cruising on Britainís inland waterways but are not sure what boat to buy and maybe still have doubts whether this is the pastime for you, why not join MWYC and experience the lifestyle before taking the plunge, no pun intended.

Sound Advice on Boating

You can join in with fellow members on day cruises and come along to the many social gatherings to chat about boating and get opinions on the many boat types, styles and layouts  together with the pros and cons of constructions in steel, aluminium, wood and GRP.

Running Costs and Looking After Your Boat

You will find everyone keen to share their experience, expertise and give sound advice to help new club members get the most out of boating. This includes answering questions and offering answers to questions you may not have thought about, such as:  the cost of looking after your boat once you have purchased it,
why are there different types of engines,  why a steel boat has to come out of the water every two years?

The Right Boat For You

So, when it comes to the time for buying your first inland waterways boat you will be better equipped in making the right informed decision.

Happy Cruising

Once you are afloat you can choose whether to moor your boat permanently at the club, cruise all through the summer months and moor over the winter period, or cruise the 1000's of miles of waterways and share your experiences with members each time you visit.
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